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If you don’t have a will, Massachusetts laws determine how your assets are distributed and who pays any estate taxes, either state or federal.

And, if you do have a will but haven’t updated it or had it reviewed in recent years, especially if you’ve had life-changing event such as a marriage, a divorce, a birth or death, or suffered a serious illness, now is the time.

Schedule a free consultation today and get answers to questions like:  
·      What happens if the other joint owner or your beneficiaries do not survive you?
·      What happens if beneficiaries cannot handle their own finances because of physical or mental incapacity? 
·      Can I protect my assets if I need to go into a nursing home?
·      How do I prevent my child's spouse from getting my assets if they get divorced?

Now is the time to protect your home, your bank accounts, and your investment/retirement accounts with named beneficiaries. 

Complete the form and get answers today.